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Lees Limousine is a limo company in the Minneapolis, Saint Paul Metro area. Started in 1993 by Lee and Mary Casto.

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born in Palo Alto California moved to Minnesota in 1993 and started Lees Limousine. I like to have fun and can get addicted to my hobbies.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lees Limousine

Lees Limousine is located in the midwest. We cover all of the Minneapolis Saint Paul metro area. Limousines ranging in our fleet include stretched Lincoln Navigator, Towncar,Chrysler 300, and Limobusses. Want to have some fun? Try one of our tours. A haunted history tour of Saint Paul, How about wine tasting at the incredible winerys in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Christmas is our
greatest time of the year showing all the magnificent displays in Minnesota. There is no better way in Minnesota to have a great time then to ride in Lees Limos. If this sound good to you contact us at 651-462-5466 or email blog@leeslimo.com


Blogger mrsgatenby said...

We've gone on wine tours with Lee for 4 years and ABSOLUTELY LOVE them! We were out of town and missed it this year (we always go when the fall colors are at their peak) and are really bummed! So now we are hopefully going to try out the Christmas lights tour and see how that is! Thanks, Lee!

1:56 PM  
Blogger Lees Limousine said...

Thanks for the kind words we are excited about Christmas lights this year. With Thanksgiving being early this year we should get a great season.
Cheryl it must be great living with Rusty, kind of like having a full time comedian in the house. I think he is alergic to wearing ties.

9:26 PM  
Blogger James said...

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Blogger PHL Limousine, Inc. said...

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Blogger ventureindia said...

Lees Limo is good! I loved it. Good service overall will recommend it to others too.

Also www.paullimo.com is another service which I found in livermore area which is pretty good.

Overall i would recommend these 2 services to any traveller going this area.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Kristian said...

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Blogger Kristian said...

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Blogger Zhanna said...

Thanks for the limo email and telephone number.
I should check if they offer Hummer limo or not, cause not each limo hire company can make boast of such magnificent cars.

6:39 AM  
Blogger Salman said...

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Blogger ALEX said...

Lees Limo is a good one!
Nice service, will recommend it to others too.

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8:22 PM  
Blogger Monika said...

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Blogger Salman said...

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Blogger sgabrielson4 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:17 AM  
Blogger sgabrielson4 said...

Use at your own risk!!! Limo driver did not answer calls for pickup for 2 hours. Also did not know how to get to Minneapolis, which was end destination. Limo driver for bachelor party let member of party take limo without permission of the responsible party. Owner misquoted price then picked a fight with me on the phone when I called to clarify. Did not respond to follow up emails or phone calls. Very very poor customer service. Would not use unless you only want a nice car with no nice people backing it up

3:13 PM  
Blogger tylertylerlaff said...

Do not do the Christmas Light tours and this is why...

December 28, 2009

Lee’s Limo Service

RE: Service on date 12/23/2009 Christmas light tour for lafferty’s


You provided service to us (lafferty family) on Dec 23rd, 2009. I have to say this was the worst mix up, mislead representation, false advertisement I, along with my family has ever had endured.

I booked an 11-12-passenger vehicle to pick us up on Dec 23rd 2009 for your Christmas Light tour special on the Internet. I booked it for 12 people via telephone and was told my total with tip would be $252.00. Which makes sense via your website for the 2 hour 11-12 passenger vehicle pricing. The women who booked me explained that it could be a bigger vehicle depending on your work load that evening but at the very least would be the Chrysler 300 and even helped me look at the vehicle online where the pictures of your vehicles are listed.

It was 5:55 pm when the vehicle arrived 25 minutes late. It was a 10 passenger white limo! This is not what I had ordered nor was this vehicle even pictured on your website. The driver proceeded to tell me that maybe lee’s limo had overbooked and gave us this limo; he was subcontracted out to give us this tour. When I called lee’s limo the women on the phone told me to take it or leave it! Excuse me I have 5 children waiting to go see Christmas lights and you tell me the day before Christmas Eve to take it or leave it????

On top of being late and the wrong limo, the Christmas Tour says cookies, fireplace video and Christmas décor…. there was none of this. No cookies, the T.V. didn’t work and there was no décor! I was very precise when booking because we had 3 smaller children who needed carseats I wanted to make sure there was enough room for all 12 of us. She helped me look at the car online so we could see where all the seatbelts were and such. I did not order a 10 passenger limo, it was your guys fault, you sent the wrong vehical.

I mean is this the way you guys make your money by ripping people off, especially during the holidays? We had three families that night just torn to pieces over this service provided to us. Not to mention 5 little boys who just couldn’t understand why there was no cookies, no TV. And no ROOM to sit!

Lastly I paid $252.00 for an 11-12-passenger vehicle and got a 10-passenger vehicle. Your website lists the 10 passenger at $179.00, why on earth was I paying for a 12 passenger and wasn’t provided with one???? This is fraud.

I’m hoping that this was a huge misunderstanding and I along with my family am owed a huge apology and reimbursement considering all that was done to us that evening. Right now I’m at the point where I will forever try my hardest in making sure this never happens to another customer of yours and to go through what type of service we were provided whether it be through Craig list, face book, word of mouth, I would never want anyone to go through what we did for the type of service, false advertisements we had to endure last week.

With regards,

Melanie Lafferty & Extended Family

10:04 AM  
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